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S’chn T’gai Sybok

Where do I find your sims that are not vulcans and the star trek ones? You had lots before but now I can't find them. My computer died and I lost them all and I want them back real bad.

Sims 3 Sims:

Sims 2 Sims:

Pixel Trade Sims:

Commander Spock

Do you ever plan on making the Vulcan council?


I’ve never really thought about it, but that is an awesome idea!

Do your vulcans for DL have alien DNA (sims wise)? I was just curious since I'd love to make a vulcan world. I know I can add it with mastercontroller if they aren't.

No they don’t have alien DNA in them.

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Oooooh! So glad to hear you’re well and all is happy and well with the best distraction. :)

Oh he’s a distraction alright. Handsome, nerdy and understands Star Trek. 

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I want to see whatever inspires you!

Well that’s always a rather handsome 6’3” Vulcan named Sybok. So I’m sure he’ll factor in there somewhere. I thought I might take some imagery of Spock too. I’m going to be catching up with your posts later on as well. Be prepared for much love heart action :p

Guess who’s going to have some actual time to Sim tonight? This girl right here. What do you want to see?

Send in questions for Sy and Lou if you want. More Spock? More downloads? Tell me!

I don’t have the chapter finished yet and there is a VERY good reason why. I’m busy futzing about the house and tidying, Kindy with Tiber and in 2 weeks a rather lovely NZ man is coming to visit me for a few days. DISTRACTION in the best possible form.


Satlek V’Akh (Vulcan) - Born on the mercantile planet of Tinar, Satlek grew up in the mines and chased cars in the street all day. After he got injured by a falling rock, Satlek now spends his days at the local bar, offering insight about the most direct routes to more well-known planets.

Satlek is by the lovely sixamsims, who made him for me :) If you want, you can go dl him from her page :D

Source : questforsims


30 Days of Sim Making- Day 5- A Sim in Someone Else’s Style!

Well I’ve been a huge fan of sixamsims since the Sims 2 was out and she was over on ModTheSims heavily. I’ve always LOVED the way she creates her faces and characters. So.. this is Piper Davies, Terran would-be Captain, and all around insane.

Traits are: Brave- Unstable- Daredevil- Bookworm- Easily Impressed

Maaaaaaybe not the kind of woman you’d WANT flying a huge ship, but on the other hand.. maybe she’s exactly what you want.

I know she isn’t perfect, but she’s my ode to 6AMSimblr! 


Awwww Thanks for the nod. She looks great!!! We even better I get to follow another Simblr.

Source : theoriginalilaera

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Thank you!! :D

You’re welcome :)

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LOVE the hair. And i am starting to see a trend with the male clothing ;) <3

You know it!! I love your clothing and as you well know Sybok does too. I think my Vulcan men just look good in it. Thank you for making such well made and awesome custom content for the men!

Download Satlek ’V’akh HERE


Skin: Sugar Pill by Brntwaffles

Eyes:  Sarhra’s Eyes by Brntwaffles

Eyebrows: Mistyblue

Sliders: Bella3lek4 / mistyinthebluebox / whiterider jasumi / Wotjek

Eyeshadow: Dutch’s Eyelids

Nose Blush: Moonskin93 / S-Club / Modern Lover

Nose Shadow: Arisuka

Lip Lines: TAMO

Jacket & Tee: peacemaker ic/simsationaldesigns

I use Mastercontroller to layer all my Makeup


I own all Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs

Do not claim this Sim as your own personal creation and do not share this Sim on the exchange. Cheers!


Please tag me in Tumblr posts. I’d love to see what he is up to in your game!!