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The Ambassador’s Son - I Die


Sarek, Sybok and Louise all stood in the turbolift on their way down to the offices. Sybok could tell his father wanted to say something to him through the link they shared.

"Father, what is it you wish to tell me?" Sybok inquired. Sarek looked at Louise briefly and turned to his Son.

"Sybok what you chose to do in your own time is very much your business. With that being said I would suggest that you soundproof your quarters. The controls can be accessed though the door pad."

"Thank you father. I was unaware of such an option." Silence in the turbolift, but Louise was pretty damn sure she had flames shooting out the top of her head and was turning a bright shade of red. The lift stopped and as the doors opened Sarek looked down at Louise.

"Good day Osu Sarek." (something she said every morning).

"I believe you have already had one." He raised an eyebrow and if she knew any better the corner of his mouth quirked slightly. Sarek exited first and strode down the hallway ahead of them.



Osu: gentleman/sir (literally “honored man”)


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