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T’Pol: Download HERE

T’Pol was born to T’Les and her husband in 2088. As a child, T’Pol was betrothed to a Vulcan named Koss; their marriage was due to be conducted in adulthood. Raised in a house near the capital city on Vulcan, young T’Pol had and cared for a pet Sehlat.

During one particular period of her early career, T’Pol operated as an agent with the Vulcan Ministry of Security and gained associates, within the Klingon Empire, who would later help her locate the Klingon penal colony Rura Penthe.One of her first assignments for the Ministry was to retrieve rogue agents who refused to return to Vulcan. Managing to capture five of the seven she was assigned to locate, T’Pol tracked agents Jossen and Menos to Risa in 2135. There, she killed Jossen but was unable to capture Menos. T’Pol thereafter underwent the Fullara ceremony at the sanctuary of P’Jem, which erased her memory of having killed Jossen, along with any associated emotions.

Later in her life, T’Pol served the Vulcan High Command’s Science Council aboard the starship Seleya. She acted as the ship’s Deputy Science Officer, working under Captain Voris and alongside Chief Engineer Commander Solin. T’Pol also worked with the Vulcan military during the Tomed mission and for the Ministry of Information on Vulcan.

In 2149, T’Pol was assigned to Earth, both as an ambassador to the United Earth government and as an aide to Ambassador Soval. She resided in the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito, where she formed a strong working relationship with Soval. Like him, she believed that Humans were too “volatile” and “provincial” to leave their solar system……….

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Skin: Mesa Skintone by therewasnothingleft

Eyebrow Replacements: CmarNYC

Eyes: Charlotte’s Clear Eyes by Brntwaffles

Eyebrows: SimpleLife

Sliders: Bella3lek4 / mistyinthebluebox / whiterider jasumi / Wotjek

Eyeshadow: Dutch’s Eyelids

Nose Blush: Moonskin93 / S-Club

Nose Shadow: Arisuka

Lipstick: TAMO

I use Mastercontroller to layer all my Makeup


I own all Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs

Do not claim this Sim as your own personal creation and do not share this Sim on the exchange. Cheers!


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