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The Ambassador’s Son - Ptha


(Husband, alright?)

Her voice was weak, but her consciousness wrapped his mind in a familiar, warm embrace. He loved her for trying, though her attempts at figuring out what was troubling him would be unsuccessful. Sybok for the first time in their relationship was thankful she wasn’t skilled at accessing his thoughts. 

(I’m fine ashal-veh,) he replied and projected calm through their bond and seemingly his answer had quieted her worry.

He rested his head in his hands to try and soothe the pounding headache which had dogged him for days. A common symptom, but the extreme discomfort he was experiencing was not. It was an unpleasant sensation at the pit of his stomach and it was new to him. He couldn’t label the emotion, but it bothered him. 

The juggernaut of Pon farr would soon overtake his body. His control and logic would be pushed aside and the secret hedonistic nature of a Vulcan would be at the forefront for her to see.

The Reldai that had been chosen for him in his first cycle had been inexperienced and the lack of bond had amplified the situation. She had been severely injured and the sight of her after he woke from his fever had never truly left his mind………if he hurt Louise.

That undefinable discomfort filled Sybok with an uncertainty that weighed heavily on his shoulders. Would she reject him? Would she ask for their bond to be dissolved? She had every right to make either of those requests and he wouldn’t deny her. He’d always overlooked their differences, they seemed small and easily overcome, but now… this one biological drive he couldn’t control was bearing down on him with the potential to turn their world upside down. 

Nareath the Healer would be able to impart a female perspective on what she would endure, but he dreaded having the conversation with her prior. Broaching a subject that he had been avoiding their entire relationship was not going to be easy. Pon farr was rarely discussed between parent and child, let alone a Terran female. 

He flipped open his communicator and hastily sent a message.

- Louise, attend - 


Ptha - Fear.

Ashal-veh - Darling one.

ReldaiA term often to describe a prostitute. The actual word translates to “priestess”. These women could be found in the city of Gol. They serviced un-bonded men in their “Time of Mating”. It was considered to be a most honourable profession, though not spoken of openly.

Pon farr - Every seven years (can be 4/5 years or just over 7 years), Vulcan males and females become aroused. They undergo a blood fever, become violent, and finally die unless they mate with someone with whom they are emphatically bonded or engage in the ritual battle known as kal-if-fee.

Fever/Plak tow - Plak tow was a Vulcan phrase literally meaning “blood fever”. It was characterized by irrational and instinct driven behavior, a combative nature and a high fever, especially during the final stages of pon farr. Normally a Vulcan in this state was unable to speak or think clearly and the desire to mate was very strong and irresistible. The blood fever was initiated by a telepathic mating bond between two Vulcans, but instances of Vulcans mating with members of other races do exist.


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